Dialogue Collective meets Handshake, Munich 2017. ‘The Passing’.

Handshake met Dialogue Collective some years back. Now Hanshake3 collaborate with Dialogue Collective in the exhibition, Dialogue Collective meets Handshake, ‘It Will All Come Out In The Wash’, 10-12 March 2017, Lot62, Munich; an exhibition part of Schmuck week.

Working with the theme of being neighbours, sharing a common thread (in this case quite literally a clothesline) and not knowing much about one another other than through these shared links; it is here we ‘air out our laundry’, ‘hang it all out’, and get to know each other a little better; for all to see.

And so it is here that I myself show a work very intimate. One of those items one might hang on a line but be unsure if its right to do so; worrying should something happen to it; wondering if I really want anyone to see? Why?, because it is greatly treasured; why? because its intimate, deeply personal and significant; not only to myself but also to my family. But thats what a clothesline does; reveals some of those items most intimate to the outside world and shares stories from those individuals living inside the home. And then this exercise – getting to know each other better – well that’s what it was all about.

Each member of each group was asked to attach their work to an item of clothing or fabric. For the exhibition these items will be hung on a clothesline; strung within the gallery.

Renee Bevan, The Passing, 2017.

Renee Bevan 'The Passing' 2017 copy

the passing

The Passing, closeup image.jpg

The Passing, closeup text

Renee Bevan, The Passing, 2017





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