Frame Galleries, MJW 2017

Handshake 3 exhibited in the Frame galleries at the Schmuck venue. We were placed really well to get the maximum visitors to the show, and it looked fantastic. Peter once again spent his Christmas break constructing the exhibition stands.

This is the third time Handshake has exhibited here, but the first time I have been there to help. The whole flying thing has always been a problem, so on the back of Sweden I braved the flights.

I’ve realise what a valuable experience it is, and see how Handshake is accepted by the other galleries and visitors. I wish I’d gotten over myself sooner and been to the other shows. We had many comments about the friendliness of the Handshake stand. People felt very welcome in our space.

The exhibition was curated by Peter Deckers, Sofia Björkman and Liesbeth den Besten, and the work I made for Platina was selected for the show.

Photo: Peter Deckers


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