Scotland -More coveted/collected stuff:

In from the garden and arranging wee potatoes and peas on the kitchen bench? Probably a frustrated jeweller.  Within the freedom of not actually making anything, I was interested in the idea that they had to go around the neck – it’s one of the obvious places for jewellery (not veg) but the neck as a site for jewels hasn’t been my recent choice, which made me wonder how I usually decide. No answers, just a question at the moment.casting-ingotcasting-ingot-6Bog iron – this sign really inspired me and I was desperate to find my own little pellets of bog iron – and even though I’m a ‘McDonald’, you probably have to actually know what you’re doing and what you’re looking for rather than relying on the genes. Although no success, it did lead me to watching endless hours of ‘bog ore smelting’ on Youtube.casting-ingot-17Glue on the back of a sign. The randomness of someone’s hand movements…casting-ingot-16

Luminous green plasticcasting-ingot-12casting-ingot-11

A ‘kissing gate’ hinge, the gate hangs in a small U or V shaped entrance and allows only one person through at a time. The gate opens in both directions because of this very fantastic hinge.casting-ingot-8casting-ingot-10

I cannot get enough of these signs, the faded colours, the combination of letters and numbers, the code  displayed for all to see – only the purpose is lost on me.

casting-ingot-7Second trip to The Mart, ‘small implement’ sale today, which promised good pickings, but came home with only a couple of photos instead.casting-ingot-5 Painted nails – cannot explain their pull – but I even still like looking at them.casting-ingot-4Old potato fork with very very beautiful round ends. casting-ingot-3Hand-forged flattened circles of steel – the scale of these were bangle sized.casting-ingot-2


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